Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Annual Diamond Cutters Ice Fishing Weekend

One thing I've noticed in the last few cold Michigan winters is that if you take up hobbies that make the winter enjoyable you will have something to look forward to and it makes the sub-zero temperatures more beareable. Mine is snowboarding however, with recent developments I find myself unable to snowboard due to a separated shoulder in December.

So to cull the days of cabin fever I made plans to have some family and friends up to the Sage Lake cottage for a weekend of ice fishing. Before I knew it I had invited upwards of 30 people to the cottage! It worked out becuase only 23 ended up being able to go and only around 18 actually made it and one of the participants was my uncle who has a cabin across the lake from ours. Most people had a place to crash and some passed out on the floor to avoid the snorer's room.

Unfortunately we didn't catch a single fish but a great time was had by all and we even got see Chris who lives in California and we seldom get to see. Most of the time I was to busy to take pictures but I've got a few with, playing host or imbibing mass quantities of alcohol to stay warm. Keep in mind that the more one drinks, the warmer the weather seems. This weekend was cold, very cold.

Easiest way to get around on the ice - Snowmobile or Quad, thankfully we had both. Safety is key on these kinds of trips. Thanks uncle Scott.

Brad's to snowmobiles were enjoyed by all and after a little work getting them going, they ran relatively well. Its also really fun to get pulled on a saucer by a wakeboarding tow rope, trust me..

Taken right after I woke Uncle Gene from his slumber - yea thats right, it was below zero and this guy is sleeping on a plastic chair on the ice.

Chad and Scott had to take care of uncle Dan after a stumble face first into the snow. Some shenanigans took place around this fire ring that will never be forgotten. Danny went inside soon after and slept while we messed with him. Notice the self whitewash as he faceplanted with glasses on.

The survivors hanging out by the fire after a long day of unsuccessful fishing. I was thankful everyone could make it and had a good time.

Next year I think we will pick a different lake/river to fish on. So mark your calendars for the third weekend in January 2010!

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Dew Gang said...

It's nice to know that there are people that enjoy the cold that Michigan has to offer. Crazy folks but I say "cheers" to you all for your willingness to freeze your *** off.